Slip Sliding Away This Past Mother’s Day

Oh, Mother’s Day;  a wonderful day to honor thy mom and shower her with love, gratitude, gifts, and body lotion? It was last Sunday morning, when the twins woke 2 hours earlier than usual. After which, they ransacked our bathroom knocking several items off the vanity, including a jar of lotion which created the perfect slip and slide –  eventually sliding over for a surprise attack while I desperately feigned sleep in deep denial about rising this early, again, on a weekend (and Mother’s Day).

Like a scene from a comically contrived “family” movie, I didn’t’ think it was possible that kids really behave this badly; let alone my kids. I hated to be cranky, but things weren’t going as planned. Wasn’t this supposed to be my day?

I thought the conditions were primed perfectly to all but guarantee sleeping in at least until 7:45. With a Nor’easter expected to hit NY the bedrooms would be darker than usual. And, after reading Luca the riot act to stay in bed for mommy, I also equipped him with new reading material and his phone in the (still likely) event he rose early, next waking up the girls.

While my, supposed, full proof plan ended in failure, little did I know it never stood a chance. After a brief investigation (as a preventative future measure), I discovered that, only a day before, my husband purchased the wrong diapers which we could directly trace back to the ‘leaks’ responsible for waking both girls at the crack of dawn. As a little aside, do not buy Huggies Snug and Dry!


Mother’s Day 2016

After receiving the kids’ beautiful homemade cards and a gift from my husband (helpful for dropping the diaper incident), coupled with the right dose of caffeine, my mood began to lighten. And, I was really looking forward to what’s becoming an annual Mother’s Day tradition – brunch at Bobby Vans in Bridgehampton- with my own Mom and Dad to celebrate. Miraculously, the kids were, fairly, well-behaved and, but for a sole plate of fries dropped from the table, our brunch was lovely.

Blue skies and a break of mid afternoon sunshine, along with being lucky enough to spend the day with my family and Mom – an incredible mother and role model –  ultimately made the day great, no matter the sleep deprivation. Isn’t that what being a mom is all about?

2 thoughts on “Slip Sliding Away This Past Mother’s Day

  1. Yes another. crazy day filled with hilarious missteps that start before the crack of dawn. The twins love to investigate the bathroom and everything in it. All, of course, for the sole purpose of reaking havoc, and ensuring Mom’s limited sleep time. In reality two year old twins are very efficient and effective wrecking balls. Early morning is also the perfect time for Luca to bargain for more phone time, when he knows Mom is at her most vulnerable. It is a win win situation for everyone but Mom.

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