Lucky 13

comet 1With our wedding Anniversary passing this week, I have now been married almost as many years as my time attending 1st grade up to junior year in high school. Anyone unsure of the math, or wondering if I was held back, it’s been 13 years (and no, I wasn’t held back)! I couldn’t help but contemplate if, so-called, unlucky 13 will bring some ominous impact this year. 

Wondering what I could get my husband, I Googled the traditional “gift” for a 13th anniversary and, to my dismay, discovered it was lace something my husband hasn’t seen on me in quite a while. To my point, after just sparring one another about cleaning up, I started comparing the outlook as a 1st grader to that of a newlywed- so excited to learn as much as you can about the world and each other, enthusiastically embracing whatever is ahead for you.

Then, before you know it, just like the ole “dog ate my homework” excuse in middle school, the years pass and things begin to slip. Keeping that childhood vision can be a challenge. And, while I hate sounding cliché, taking time out together really can help reconnect you to what you saw in each other in the first place.

Our usual family dinners are hilarious, exhausting and quite educational; offering critical life skills like eating an entire roasted chicken with only your left hand and (sometimes) a fork; bouncing 1-2 toddlers on your knee while eating such chicken; juggling both while chugging a glass of Pinot with your free hand; and doing all 3 while bending down to pick up crayons, keys, phones, salt shakers other randoms thrown on the floor. While eventful, they tend to dampen intimate conversation.

To celebrate our 13th, we saw an amazing show, Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812– which, by chance, only a few days prior, happened to received 12 well deserved Tony Award Nominations.  Our friends also invited us to Nur, (check out Manhattan’s Hottest New Dining Spot :The 20s), just opened by a famous Israeli chef looking to make his mark in the States. This guy is a big star in Israel and, judging from our food, the full house, and meticulously run kitchen, will do exceptional here.  

Any chance to behold the next hot thing in New York is pretty awesome.  So far, the 13th is off to a lucky start. Hopefully no apocalyptic asteroids, collision comets, or double doomful, dirty diapers are headed our way. . .

One thought on “Lucky 13

  1. A real slice of life. Humorous and truthful. Families trying to juggle young children especially two year old twins as well as an active 9 year old can relate to the chaos of keeping it altogether. Taking time to stay connected with each and enjoying those special evenings on the town lets you relax and appreciate the love and laughs you share. Zest for life makes it all worthwhile.

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